At what age may my child take Driver’s Ed?

Answer: A teenager may take a Driver’s Education course at any teen age. We suggest that they not be under 14 1/2 but closer to 15 1/2 as possible or older.

At what age may my teenager get his/her permit?

Answer: A teen may get his/her permit at age 15 1/2 as long as they have completed their Drivers Education course.

Does my teenage need to start driving before they go to the DMV?

Answer: No. They go to the DMV and take the written exam first. Then they come to the Driving School to activate the permit. They may not legally drive until they start their Drivers Training with the Driving School.

What does my teenager need to take to the DMV in order to get his/her drivers permit?

Answer: You will need to schedule an appointment in order take the written test at your local DMV. These documents are required when applying for a permit:
· Original Birth Certificate (or certified copy)
· Social Security number (card not mandatory)
· Copy of vehicle registration or vehicle insurance. Must be a vehicle registered in California.
· The pink or blue Certificate of Completion of Drivers Education.
· DL44 obtained at the DMV that both parents (or single parent who has legal guardianship) will need to sign

Once my teenager has obtained the permit, when can he/she begin practicing?

Answer: Once a teenager has obtained his/her permit; they may not drive with anyone until they begin their behind-the-wheel training with a driving school. The driving school will validate the permit upon the first lesson and the permit will be legal to practice with.

How long after a teenager obtains a drivers permit can he/she obtain their drivers license?

Answer: They must possess their permit for 6 or more months from the day it was issued, or turn 18 before they can obtain their drivers license.

Who may teenagers practice driving with?

Answer: They may practice driving with a California licensed driver 25 years of age or older. The adult must sit in the front passenger seat so as to be able to take control of the vehicle if needed.

Who can be in the car with my teenager while they are driving with a permit?

Answer: Any licensed driver 25 years of age or older, and anyone else who wishes to be in the car.

I am 17 & 1/2. Do I still need drivers education or training?

Answer: When you are 17 & 1/2 you do not need to take Drivers Education or Drivers Training. You will be able to get your permit, but will have to wait until you are 18 to obtain your drivers license.